Behind the making of 'When We Were Young'

Adele and Tobias Jesso Jr. recently went into the studio together, working on fresh material.

The collaboration has resulted in new cut 'When We Were Young', a track that takes pride of place on Adele's new album '25'.

Now the British singer has interviewed Tobias Jesso Jr., with the results appearing on the Guardian. Revealing that she "reached out" to the singer - "I got my manager to contact his manager. I’m pretty behind on social networking culture, I’d have no idea how to do it." - the pair seem to share enormous mutual respect.

At one point, Adele asks Tobias who he'd most like to work with: "Well it was you, ha ha, before we worked together. I guess now that that dream is realised, I’d say Kanye or Drake. I often find myself writing little ditties I can imagine becoming rap songs. Not the actual rapping part, just the chorus. I think a couple of the ideas we had when we worked together would be good for rap songs!"

The singer then probes Tobias on his favourite artists: "Awkward. You, ha ha, and Randy Newman. I think it’s really important to believe in the artists you like, and I always had a huge respect for you being true to yourself, and believed it. I don’t like flashy, in-your-face kind of things, I prefer modest. And Randy is a boss and literally couldn’t act different if he tried."

Check out the full piece HERE.

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