Adam Stafford
It's a neo-classical affair that deals directly with depression...

Scottish musician Adam Stafford has shared plans for new album 'Fire Behind The Curtain'.

A noted figure in Scotland's creative community, Adam Stafford's music and visual arts work has built up into a singular catalogue.

New work 'Fire Behind The Curtain' might well be his most individual project yet, taking some eight years to complete.

Neo-classical in tone, the songwriting deals with the crippling depression and anxiety that have dogged Adam Stafford since childhood.

Out in May via Song By Toad, the album is lead out by moving new song 'Strangers Care When You Burn'.

Matching that beautiful arrangement to spoken word, it's born from an all-too-real bereavement. He comments:

"It was odd because my grandfather's brother, who was his double, was riding with us in the funeral car. The line `fire behind the curtain' is a testimony to my naivety: I thought when the coffin disappeared behind the curtain, the cremation started there and then. It is also a metaphor for the fire - the hidden chaos - of life when we choose to hide behind our very own curtain."

Tune in now.

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