Check out new track 'X22RME'...

Actress has announced plans for new album 'AZD'.

For a while there, it seemed as though the London producer was content to linger in the shadows...

Moving back into the light, Actress - real name Darren Cunningham - has now confirmed plans for new material, and a new live show.

Upcoming full length 'AZD' (pronounced 'Azid') drops on April 14th (pre-order LINK), with Actress sharing new cut 'X22RME' (pronounced 'Extreme').

“I did fifty versions of the tune,” Cunningham recalls. “Different parts were on tape, CD, different old computers and USB sticks, so it was quite intimidating to revisit and complete. The track was in the end built out of three hours of different passages.”

'X22RME' is said to be a key example of the influence the black artists James Hampton and Rammellzee had on the creation of the album – artists who operated through “Sourcing castaway materials from their environment and reinterpreting them into absolute majesty given from the fourth dimension.”

Check it out now.

Actress will bring his new AZD live show to Convergence festival - catch the producer at Village Underground on March 24th.

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