Abbie Ozard, Pixey Combine On ‘miss american dream’

A collaboration that exudes femme energy...

Abbie Ozard and Pixey have shared new collaboration ‘miss american dream’.

The duet has been teased on socials, with the two artists having been friends for a while. Drawn into one another’s credit orbit, a collaboration has been on the books for some time now, with recent weeks bringing it into focus.

‘miss american dream’ exudes femme energy, the sound of two devoutly independent artists working to their own rules. Dulcet of melody and biting of lyric, it’s a song that finds inspiration in women and their achievements.

Abbie Ozard comments…

“I’ve always looked up to girls and women my whole my life. Constantly in awe of how we do things, how strong we are as individuals and how powerful the energy can be when they’re in a room together. This track is not only a celebration of girlhood but a celebration of romance and friendship between women, something I’ve always wished to write about. Being in the room with Lizzie (Pixey) gave me the confidence to do this.” 

For her part, PIXEY adds: “I loved working with Abbie on this track. It started from a session where I was supposed to be just producing, but loved the track so much I knew I wanted to feature on it too. Abbie then texted me and asked if I’d like to write the second verse so it came together perfectly.” 

The song will appear on Abbie Ozard’s incoming debut album ‘everything still worries me’, which is out on July 25th via House Anxiety.

Tap in below.

Photo Credit: Charlotte Rudd

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