Band Allowed Back Into Fabled Studio

Mancunian Britpop legends Oasis are set to return with their new album "Dig Your Own Soul" on October 6th - their first to be recorded in the famous Abbey Road studios since "Be Here Now".

The band were apparently banned after the sessions for 1997's "Be Here Now" album became a famously debauched affair. An album that many critics have labeled the soundtrack to excess cocaine use, "Be Here Now" is the modern benchmark for the effect of drug use on music.

In an interview with Mojo magazine, Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher reveals that the band were banned from the studio after a series of raucous late night parties. Gallagher admits the group upset studio bosses after "blasting out Beatles records at four in the morning".

Apparently U2 were attempting to book the studio, but due to their infamous policy of deliberating over virtually every career decision they make, the Gallaghers were able to grab Abbey Road away from them, with Noel commenting "We actually went down to Abbey Road with a bag of money, and said, 'We can pay for the studio now!'".

Oasis release their new album "Dig Your Own Soul" on October 6th.

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