Sought-after selector launches new On Loop label...

Moxie - real name Alice Moxom - encapsulates everything that is great about the UK’s current dance scene.

Her ability to flawlessly prance across the thin line between the mainstream and underground has pushed her to becoming one of the most sought after and respected selectors in the UK. This dedication to the underground is displayed through her loyalty to her NTS residency, showcasing her understanding and appreciation for good music in all its forms.

An appreciation that is demonstrated fittingly in her new compilation 'Moxie Presents Volume II'. Carrying the same premise as the first instalment, the compilation features a mix of up and coming talents as well as some established faces. The sounds vary from disco to R&B, techno, house and weirdly wonderful hip-hop from J.D Reid.

Kicked off in trippy fashion by the increasingly impressive Lone, whose chimey intro track forces you into a state of mystical vibes, the compilation stomps forward with the equally notable DrumTalk stomper 'The Way' - the unforgiven synth and thudding bassline on this one is handcrafted for the club, one you can guarantee Moxie will be gracing dancefloors with.

In contrast, Medlar’s 'In Dreams' and Eli Escobar’s 'Happiness' conjure up images of open-shirted, leathery tanned party goers at a Carl Cox beach party sipping cocktails somewhere in Ibiza. Not that this is a bad thing of course. Whether inside a sweaty, packed out warehouse in Dalston, or a pool party at Seth Troxler’s house in Miami, Moxie will be tearing it up, giving both scenarios the exact same treatment.

Moxie is a prime example of where dedication and realness to the craft can take you. She’s been at it since the age of 14 and is showing no sign of slowing as her career begins to fully blossom. With the launch of her new club night and label On Loop, you can expect big things from her in 2016. Check out the compilation below and our snappy Q&A with the lady herself...

First of all, congrats on the success of your latest compilation. Can you tell us a little about the creative process behind it and why you selected to work with these artists in particular?
Aww thank you! It’s been so great to get the second instalment out there as I’ve been working on it since the beginning of last summer. The way I put them together is by always having a mental note of artists I’m keeping an eye on, whether they're up and coming or more established.

Once I get a solid group of names together I begin approaching everyone and take it from there. It’s such a fun project to work on and an extension of what I do on the radio, I love curating so this ties in perfectly with that.

If you could work with any three artists on your next project, who would they be and why?
Tricky question as to be honest the list is always endless! I’d have to say HNNY as he's someone I’ve always been a fan of and I love his music for listening mixes, especially the valentines mix which has some real gems on it. Tirzah has to be another one, I love her voice and her general attitude.

And then I think I’d have to say Omar S as he’s one of my favourite electronic producers and his tracks have a way of sounding dope as home listening and also bang in the club.

If you had to play one track and one track only to shutdown a rave, what would it be and why?
Hodge - 'Mind Games'.

This is one of my favourite tracks to play out at the moment, Hodge is always my go to producer when I wanna step up the party and take it a bit more tough. This track in particular always goes off! Techno meets tropical funky vibes.

What have you got in store for the rest of 2016?
I’ve just launched my new club night and label On Loop which is another project I’ve been working on for a while. The premise of the clubnight is to make an environment where people want to stay all night and just dance. No bullshit, just good music, good vibes, a good sound system and of course a massive disco ball for added vibes.

We’re taking the night to some of my favourite clubs in the UK and France and also hosting a stage at Glastonbury which I can’t wait to reveal the line up for. The label is kick-starting in a few months so keep your eyes peeled for the first release.

- - -

Words: Angus McKeon

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