Andy Frasco
New album, new perspectives, says rollicking rocker

When Andy Frasco And The U.N. take the stage, the party starts. The blues rock bandleader orchestrates a nightly high-octane experience that doubles as a celebration of life and music, regularly breaking down the barriers between stage and audience so that everybody can join in, all energised by a powerfully entertaining multi-cultural soundtrack that will shake the foundations of all nearby structures.

As those who have witnessed their live shows will testify, such conviviality is not restricted to their performance - the band regularly socialise with fans once the music has stopped, the after-parties often as vivacious as the main event...

For Frasco, however, this reckless abandon had extended into his personal life, becoming an encroaching and habitual source of escape. Then, he says, he reached a turning point: 

“I woke up after a five-day bender on cocaine,” he recalls. “This relationship I was in didn’t work out. I bought a house in the Midwest to be close to a girl, but she didn’t trust me. I wouldn’t trust me either, because I was fucking chicks and doing drugs every night on the road. I would take ecstasy just to get out of bed. I was sleep deprived, losing all of my friendships, and fucking overworked.”

“I decided to make a change in my life. I realised that I’m getting older; I couldn’t only be the party guy. I wanted to chronicle my life. I wanted to capture my feelings. I wanted substance in my life and music. I decided to take a step back from this wild life for a second and reevaluate, so I could genuinely enjoy the ride I’m on for the long haul.”

The product of this shifting perspective is the group’s third full-length album: the aptly-titled 'Change Of Pace', which is released on February 22nd.

Retreating from the real world, it was while ensconced in a rural studio in the mountains of Northern California songs began to emerge that reflected his pensive state of mind. Collectively, they’re still fired by that giddy propulsion you’d expect from Frasco and co., but it’s the overarching poignancy of the album that resonates most - the titles alone are revealing: ‘Don’t Let It Fool Ya’, ‘Let Your Mind Be Free’, ‘Find A Way’, and ‘Don’t Let The Haters Get You Down’ offering some insight into the author’s ruminating.

The album was preceded by a single - its title track was exclusively aired on Frasco’s fun podcast, Andy Frasco’s World Saving Podcast - which neatly summarises the supportive and constructive motifs that permeate the record.

“'Change Of Pace' is a song about finding your balance in life,” Frasco explains. “If you feel like your life is swinging too far to one side of the spectrum, it’s okay to take a step back every now and then to try something new.”

‘Change Of Pace’ is released on February 22nd via Republic Of Music. Andy Frasco And The U.N. tour North America throughout the first half of 2019. For a full list of dates, see here.

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