New album from punk-funk legends

Manchester punk-funk legends A Certain Ratio are set to return with their first album in over a decade.

Manchester's bustling post-punk scene is now the subject of mythology. But for every over-exposed story there remain cult heroes languishing in obscurity, better known for their relation to Factory Records than their own music.

A bunch of kids in love with tribal funk, A Certain Ratio were equally fired up by punk and art rock. Taking their name from a Brian Eno lyric, their output stands as some of the most challenging and downright danceable from the era.

Never actually splitting up, A Certain Ratio have been an ongoing concern since the late 70s. Taking the occasional break, a new line up of the band have completed work on their first album in over a decade.

'Mind Made Up' follows from a series of re-issues, introducing the group's music to a new audience. A Certain Ratio have enjoyed a renewed cult following, with the Manchester heroes inspired to get back into the studio.

Speaking to fans, Jez Kerr claimed that the group were equally fired up by Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein' and their own back catalogue.

Re-visiting the triumphs of old seems to have fired up A Certain Ratio, who are seeking to capture a 'live' sound. Issuing a joint statement, Donald Johnson and Martin Moscrop write: "The songs are timeless and true to ACR’s roots.‘The emphasis was placed on keeping it simple in the studio."

"Trickery was kept to a minimum and we never took more than three takes on any track. We didn’t rehearse them too much so that they were rough round the edges. You’ll also hear old ACR influences throughout the album."

A Certain Ratio are set to release 'Mind Made Up' on June 1st.

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