The Sheffield band release their new album later this year...

Sheffield's 65daysofstatic remain one of the most fascinating, perplexing, groundbreaking groups in the country.

The band took part in 2016's critically acclaimed score for the award-winning game No Man's Sky, an ambitious, immersive project that utilised broken software systems and entropic algorithms.

Able to incorporate new methodologies, the Sheffield group took the decision to move away from this on their new album.

'replicr, 2019' is an intense, succinct experience, one that finds 65daysofstatic utilising the technical achievements of their past while adding something humane.

Out on September 27th, the record seems to tap into the unholy dystopia that British society finds itself in right now, while being shot through with veins of hope.

As drummer Rob Jones explains...

"This was supposed to be the future, but that future got cancelled. History is moving but it’s got nowhere to go. It’s piling up all around us." 

"That’s what this record is about. This atemporality is an illusion, it’s the cultural logic of late capitalism, consuming everything faster and faster, each artefact a more diluted replica of the last. Even the idea that ‘pop will eat itself’ is eating itself. We need to find a way out."

We're able to share bluntly titled new piece 'popular beats' and it clocks in at the classic pop song length of 2:58.

Happily that's all it has in common with the 'classic pop song' - instead, it's a whirlwind of electronics, somehow stumbling beyond the beat before hurling itself together.

A fascinating return, 'popular beats' taps into the electronic heritage of the Steel City - it spawned Warp, after all - while containing that blunt edge which makes 65daysofstatic such a visceral experience.

The full visuals arrive as part of the package, matching mid 90s computer programming to a series of paranoid messages flickering across the screen.

Tune in now.

'replicr, 2019' will be released on September 27th - order it HERE.

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