15 15 Inaugurate New Era With ‘Perfect Heaven’

Fka QuinzeQuinze…

Parisian-Tahitian collective 15 15 usher in their new era with the beatific ‘Perfect Heaven’, the first taste of new EP ‘Ataheva’ arriving November 3rd via S76.

Known for their synthetic polyglot anthems, ‘Perfect Heaven’ is entirely sung in English. Over a sauntering, groove-laden mid-tempo, 15 15 sing of an Arcadian terrain that isn’t quite as it seems. The collective’s affinity for antithetical forces and otherworldly ascensions is conjured once again, as a sense of foreboding froths underneath the surface.

The accompanying artwork and video for ‘Perfect Heaven’ “is represented by a swarm of flies; the one that flies over and lands on the decomposing bodies weaving the funeral dress. It is the first observer and the last companion of the passage to death.”

Forthcoming EP ‘Ataheva’ – translating as “the clouds of mourning” – is a seven-track exploration of metamorphosis, death, rituals and ceremonial pomp.

Of the project, 15 15 say: “We position the listener front row to observe this change of state, this in-between time at the border between life and death. The narrators of each track tell different visions of death: physical death, death of the soul or symbolic death. In this EP, death is not only portrayed as a negative event, but also as an integral part of life.”

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