This Daze Return With Fuzz-Pop Burner ‘Skiptracing’

The Norwegian band capture something special...

Norwegian outfit This Daze make curiously warped pop songs.

Melding together shoegaze, fuzzed out garage rock, and indie songwriting, the group's knack for melody is blended with a first for distortion.

A furry of live shows have caused a buzz in their native Norway, but new single 'Skiptracing' could be the point the rest of us get caught up.

Out now, it's a taut, wiry guitar burner, with its innate pop instincts pushed to the limit.

'Skiptracing' puts Clash in mind of Yuck or even Dinosaur Jr. while still pursuing its own path – there's promise here, and originality, too.

This Daze comment…

“Battling out the ever prevalent fight between internal and external forces, ‘Skiptracing’ crosses the intersection of finding oneself and finding ones place in others. It leaves you wondering whether you should be left with a positive or negative outlook through exploiting the irony we all meet of tracing positive change without really searching for it.”

We're able to share the full video before anyone else, a propulsive watch that leans on the band's incredible energy.

Tune in now.

– – –

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