THEY. Drop New ‘Comfortable’ Visualiser

It's a scorcher from the R&B duo...

American R&B duo THEY. are back with another woozy, butterfly-inducing track.

Following on from the enchanting ‘Blü Moon’, latest single ‘Comfortable’ amps up the intimacy; with an effortless flow and an air of coyness, ‘Comfortable’ is a smooth, delectable track sure to leave you charmed.

‘Comfortable’ exists in a haze of tender nostalgia; as the muted, shimmering beat rings out, you’re sucked into the world of the track, experiencing it firsthand. It’s impossible not to “get comfortable”, easily seduced by the the honey-toned soundscape that THEY. have crafted. As the effortless vocals ring out, later joined by Fana Hues’ light, dreamy performance, you can’t help but feel the romance woven within every note.

The visual for the track only amp up the nostalgic, passionate flow of the track. Pirya Minhas’ visuals thrive in warm tones, candle-lit couples sprawled on bedsheets, offset by the sharp neon pulse of club dancefloors. The entire experience is gently lustful, heightening and soundtracking the fluttering of butterflies in your stomach above all else.

Tap in below.

Words: Emily Swingle

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