The Gulps Share New Video ‘Mirror Mirror’

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The Gulps hail from all corners of Europe, drawn together in North London by a rock ‘n’ roll dream. Currently sharing a bedsit in Camden, their squat-rock debauchery is shot through with a romantic streak, powered by a desire for reinvention.

New single ‘Mirror Mirror’ is a key part of their live set, with its wild, freewheeling Beat lyricism matched to some caustic indie rock vibes. Crisp of chorus and defiant in its stance, ‘Mirror Mirror’ seems to open a portal to hedonism. Lead singer Javier Sola explains…

“It’s a fantasy poetry of a normal day. Influenced by Kerouac’s book, On the Road, and its carefree attitude and sense of adventure. Trying to make the listeners feel reflected with the lyrics, looking at the mirror and feeling they’re part of the hedonism of just another day.”

We’re able to share the video, shot by director Ellera Ellie in Central London. The band are shown against the sleazy backdrop of Soho, with the film maker attempting to pin down the fluctuating characters that exist within the Gulps.

Eilera Ellie adds:

“Many of us have a selection of alter-egos within us, putting various facets of our character on show when and where required. Similarly, within the video, scenes flicker between each band member ‘lost’ within their internal worlds, and being out on show for all to see. Each time they are in search of their one true self, until the two universes merge together.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Rosco Reckless

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