The Black Angels Will Blow Your Mind

Check out the music and visuals of 'Half Believing'...

The Black Angels are almost without peer in the psychedelic underground.

Breaking down barriers with each show, the band's stunning, lysergic-drenched sound fuses noise rock, shoegaze, and '67 psychedelia into a rather unholy brew.

New album 'Death Song' was constructed during the recent Presidential election in the United States, a bad trip made real for millions of people.

Translating this into music, The Black Angels' deeply atmospheric return was overseen by vastly experienced producer Phil Eck.

Out on April 21st, Clash is able to trail 'Death Song' with some new music – and some mind-melting visuals.

'Half Believing' offers crunching guitars, blurred vocals, and smeared drums, the sound flushing from speaker to speaker.

The visuals are entrancing yet also disorienting, making the whole package a truly transcendental affair.

Tune in now.

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