Squarepusher – 303 Scopem Hard

The 'Ufabulum' live experience...

'Ufabulum' is a nonsense word, with no meaning apart from the sound it occupies.

Yet there's a suggestive quality, a visual element to the word. Imbued with a certain brand of Futurism, it has become a blank slate for Squarepusher to sketch out some of the most thrilling pure electronic work he has completed in a decade.

Speaking to ClashMusic last year, Tom Jenkinson emphasised the link between sound and vision in the project. "I don’t want this to be seen as something you see on a TV screen I was it to be seen on something which is five metres wide. So I kind of ended up stuck really, at the end of it. I thought: do I release the music without the pictures? The process in the studio, I was doing my best to try and integrate the two. Does the music work without the pictures? In the end, I was of the opinion that it did. It stands in its own right".

Broadcast on enormous screens, the 'Ufabulum' live experience is a sensory assault from the opening notes to the last. Set to play a special SoundCrash event at the Roundhouse this Saturday (March 30th) the producer has just uploaded a live clip to whet appetites.

'303 Scopem Hard' is a highlight from 'Ufabulum' and – in a concert setting – it takes on a new physicality. Twisting, turning the music into abrasive, harsh shapes there's a beauty here which is complimented by the outstanding visuals.

Watch it now.

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Squarepusher is set to play the Roundhouse on March 30th.

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