Skott’s ‘Rule The World’ Is An Ethereal Gem

Watch her wonderful video now...

Nordic alt-pop songwriter Skott has a talent to cherish.

Matching electronic textures against folk-hewn elements, her work sits in the nexus between many different styles.

New EP 'A Letter From The Universe' is a conceptual return, a seven track document that lifts Skott to another plane.

'Rule The World' features on this EP and it finds Skott moving with incredible directness.

A touching piece of music, it pits that neat guitar melody against swirling electronic production amid Skott's lucid vocal.

The full video airs through Clash, with the Swedish talent commenting…

"Sometimes I get this feeling, like many I think, of not fitting in or even wanting to be a part of the world I see in front of me today. The alien symbolizes new ideas, the unfamiliar and different, uncomfortable growth towards change. The yearning to shake things up and challenge an aged power structure. I wanted the video to feel beautiful yet slightly unsettling, playing with elements of sci-fi fantasy and surrealism."

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Peter St James

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