Selin’s ‘cool’ Is A Refreshing Blast Of Alt-Pop

It's about letting go...

London based alt-pop force Selin returns with ‘cool’.

The Istanbul-born artist is fast becoming a key player within the UK pop scene, with her lyrical over-sharing and superb vocals standing out from the chasing pack.

New single ‘cool’ comes at the tail end of summer, but it taps into those party energies. A bolshy, exuberant return, Selin comes bursting out the speakers, with perhaps her most on-point vocal performance yet.

‘cool’ has another side to it, however, with Selin depicting the fissures within a post break up relationship. As she puts it…

It’s a song about the realisation of how it is genuinely hard to stay friends with an ex-partner due to current relationships and the fact that you’re no longer with them anymore. Although there are moments in the song where I am being slightly petty, it was primarily a fun way to let go, move forward and highlight that sometimes it’s hard for people to accept change.

It’s a weird feeling of detachment that you have to accept. Memories fade. Your worlds are different now. The act of letting go and moving on from the past can be challenging and this song is kind of a bittersweet anthem highlighting those situations.

The video leans on the sheer colour and vitality of her performance, depicting a pop star in bloom. Get ready to embrace Selin.

Tune in now.

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