S a N T I N O’s ‘GIRL’ Is A Whole New World

Meet this Leeds musician with an independent stance...

S a N T I N O lives in his own world.

Well, technically Leeds, but if you actually listen to his music then you'll see what we mean.

Lavish yet lo-fi productions that obey no rules but their own, his hyper-pop creations have already taken on a cult existence of their own.

New EP 'Big Swirl' is incoming, and it's a kaleidoscopic adventure through sound. The producer explains:

"Big Swirl is just a big mash of everything going on in my head; that's probably why it's so choppy and weird… It does get dark, and some of the lyrics are a bit deep, but it was definitely made to uplift. If anyone feels or has ever felt the way I do, they'll get this EP on such a deep level."

Clash is able to premiere the video for 'GIRL' and it doubles up as the opening segment of a new web series. As deftly adventurous as the music itself, it's a real trip…

S a N T I N O tells Clash: "Just like in my live sets, I always need my visuals to explain the story of the song so I brought that sensibility to the music video! I wanted to bring something more than just a music video though, so this is episode one of the web series (in which each song from the EP is a new episode). The whole thing is completely DIY from the ground up, so it was a real chance to play with storytelling and visual art in a new way for me! Definitely more video stuff to come, I've fallen in love with it!"

Tune in now.

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