rxlph Drops New Burner ‘night before last.’

Watch the atmospheric video now...

rxlph returns with new single 'night before last.' – tune in now.

Hailing from Rockland County just outside NYC, the multi-faceted hip-hop artist blends club moments with R&B introspection.

Crafting uniquely atmospheric tracks, Rxlph blends this murky, twilight feel with aspects of pure, blistering melody.

'night before last.' comes from the heart, with the compelling narrative depicting the dichotomous relationship between your inner and outer struggles.

In his words, the song "captures this push and pull relationship between not only you and the person you want but also between you and the person you're searching to become. I don't like to tell too much about my records, but to me it's the external battle we all face and the internal battle we all try to ignore…"

SageWolf sculpts the visuals, which invite you into his world – tap in below.

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