Ruth Wilson Stars In New PJ Harvey Video ‘Seem an I’

Shot at Kennel Farm outside Salisbury...

PJ Harvey has shared the powerful video for her song ‘Seem an I’.

The revered English songwriter returned last year, with her album ‘I Inside The Old Year Dying’ gaining huge plaudits. Clash writer Sam Walker-Smart praised the record in our 8/10 review, calling it a signifier of Harvey “at both her most sonically daring yet most relaxed. It’s another intriguing addition to her back catalogue that deserves repeat visits to unpack properly. While one of her least immediate records, it stands as one of her most rewarding.”

A real highlight on the record, ‘Seem an I’ highlights PJ Harvey’s ability to frame a narrative with just a handful of words. The video was shot at Kennel Farm outside Salisbury, Wiltshire, by Oscar-nominated Irish screenwriter and director, Colm Bairéad.

Intriguingly, revered English actress Ruth Wilson takes the lead role. PJ Harvey comments…

Ruth and I became friends after working together on Clio Barnard’s film Dark River. I have always greatly admired Ruth’s work as an actor, so had long harboured a dream that we might work together again in some way. When the opportunity to work with Colm Bairéad came up I knew him to be a director Ruth thought highly of, as I did, so it felt right to ask her if she would star in the film. I find the resulting short film beautiful and moving for having Ruth’s magical presence, and Colm’s unique vision.”

A beautifully shot film, full of enigmatic scenes, the video perfectly brings the song to life. Ruth Wilson comments…

I have always been a huge fan of PJ, so it was a great privilege to work alongside Colm and Polly to bring “Seem an I” to visual life in this mysterious and hypnotic short film. There is no better way to spend a day in the magical world of PJ Harvey.“ 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Steve Gullick / Clothes: Todd Lynn

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