Premiere: She Makes War – ‘Devastate Me’

A funny yet also gritty pop song...

She Makes War is the alter ego of Laura Kidd, a songwriter whose playful yet gritty approach drives each idea to its fullest flowering.

A highly driven, completely DIY artist, each new statement is hewn from her own life, with each song becoming a mirror to her thoughts and emotions.

A new album is incoming, accompanied by a full UK tour which will feature some of the biggest venues she has ever played.

First, though, She Makes War is able to share the full video for new song 'Devastate Me', a biting, piercing return.

Lyrically cutting while melodically extremely sharp and concise, the visuals rebound with energy. She explains:

"I wanted to make something bouncy and fun, an antidote to the self indulgent testosterone-fuelled 'rock' videos of the past and present, something that doesn't take itself so seriously but can still accentuate a killer riff. It's fascinating to me that since 'Devastate Me' came out, reviewers can only liken my music to other bands with women in."

"Apparently the song sounds like Garbage rather than Nirvana, like The Primitives (who I've never listened to) rather than Weezer. People describe the song as 'lovely' when it's about the downfall of digital civilisation via our addiction to arguing online and staring at our phones rather than one another. Lovely! Is anyone even listening?"

Laura continues: "Rather than acting out the lyrics (phones, the internet, death), I decided to celebrate analogue things – phonebooks and postboxes, playgrounds and independent markets. Tangible offline communication, community hubs."

"So here it is. I can rock out without my cock out. My balls are nowhere near the wall. We don't have to copy anything that's come before to fit into a genre, a scene or an industry. No rock hands, no licking guitars, no windmills (Carrie Brownstein is a notable exception here, referenced in the video by my high kick at the start)."

"Let's celebrate our individuality, let's have some fun, let's be silly sometimes. No po-faced "angry sexy" pouting, no skin tight leather, no women drenched in inexplicable liquids, no bullshit, no budget. Plus a Feathers McGraw cameo because WHY THE HELL NOT?"

Tune in now.

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