Premiere: Sea Moya – ‘Do Things’

Expansive German psychedelia...

Berlin is perhaps most closely tied to techno, but – deep down – it's always been a rhythm city.

From the jazz epoch to the beat boom, Krautrock to dub techno the city has continually focussed on that living pulse, the beat that ripples through music.

Sea Moya tap into this. Expansive psych with a percussive tick, the music flits between dreamy textures and afrobeat frenzy. New EP 'Twins' will be released on October 2nd, with Clash able to stream new cut 'Do Things'.

The band explain:

"It's a tradition of ours to always record our jams and other sessions. We had a long session in our rehearsal room last Summer, and found ourselves looping a nice beat and bassline, which ultimately evolved into 'Do Things'. Actually, the drums in 'Do Things' are just a chopped up and looped version of that recording. When we arranged the song afterwards, it felt really natural because there were no thoughts of anything in that jam session, it simply developed into something special."

Urgent, hard-driven psychedelia backed by some gainy, lo-fi visuals, you can check it out now.

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