Premiere: Saturday, Monday – ‘Late’ ft. Newtimers x Ji Nilsson

Swedish producer takes new step...

Swedish artist Saturday, Monday introduces himself with last year's 'Children Of The Snow' remix-tape.

Continually aiming to move forward, the producer returned in Spring with new EP 'Late'. An evocative next step from a reclusive yet enticing talent, the influences were incredibly broad, as he explains: “Nao, John Wizards, TĀLĀ, Darkside, Joe, Wilfred Giroux and Joy Orbison are a few people that I listened to quite a bit while making this EP.”

New track 'Late' is seemingly "my attempt to make an emotional dancehall track" and features fellow Swedes Newtimers and Ji Nilsson.

Given some sumptuous visuals, you can check it out below.

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