Premiere: Lady Lazarus – ‘Miracles’

Entrancing project takes collective twist...

It's the name that draws you in. Lady Lazarus is the title of a poem by Sylvia Plath, an intense yet feminine ode.

Melissa Ann Sweat is currently based in the Mojave desert, sealing herself away from the world to focus on her art.

Working with producer/engineer John Keller, new album 'Miracles' represents an enormous evolution for Lady Lazarus. The arrangements are more ornate, with recording sessions utilising French horn, flute, synths and more.

“As I was exploring the idea of miracles,” she comments, “I learned that one of the origins of the word means “to smile.” This brings to mind that so many things and people in our lives can be considered miracles—whatever and whoever brings us wonderment, joy, appreciation, learning, gratitude. Life can be challenging, and while I’ve endured many struggles I’ve tried to orient myself toward a positive direction—which has come to a sort of fruition in this moment in my life and in my music."

The title track is a piano led piece, with Sweat's voice really coming to the fore. The song gently builds, with new instrumentation swelling around her emotive delivery.

The accompanying video is a stylishly shot performance clip. Honing in on Melissa Ann Sweat, there's an intensity to her performance which echoes that within the music, before the camera pans out towards a number of guests who illuminate the meaning of the song.

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