Premiere: Indian Wells – ‘It’s Where The World Ends’

Italian techno with an artful, emotive edge...

Italian producer Indian Wells – real name Pietro Iannuzzi – has a wonderfully artful voice.

Essentially operating with techno, his left field take on electronic culture has an artful twist, applying a rich palette of emotion to his work.

New album 'Where The World Ends' is his third to date, and it's due to be released on September 8th via LA based Friends Of Friends.

This new work emerges from a period of gradual evolution in the producer's life, slowly moving away from his tiny home town towards city-led existence.

He comments: "Until my twenties, I've been living in a small town with a few hundred people on the top of the mountains – isolated not only from the rest of the world but also from the rest of Italy and the rest of south of Italy, a considerably underdeveloped region. Since my childhood I got used to the concept of borders, first of all as limitation. As the limit to not see and know what is behind, and the mountains – which are still around the place I live – symbolized to me the end of my world."

New track 'It's Where The World Ends' airs on Clash, and it's a crisp, subtle return, the techno influences continually broken down into bubbling rivets of sound.

Carrying within it a slight edge of melancholy, the perpetual evolution of the piece echoes the deeper themes within his new album.

Tune in now.

'Where The World Ends' will be released on September 8th.

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