Premiere: Elephant Stone – ‘Photograph’

Canadian psych squad return...

Elephant Stone are key components of the North American psychedelic underground, key purveyors of extra-dimensional fuzzed up rock music.

New album 'Ship Of Fools' is forthcoming, due to be given a full UK release on November 25th via the fine people at Burger Records.

The Canadian group's fourth full length, it displays real confidence and verve, managing to channel their cosmos-searching live shows into one document.

Clash is able to premiere the video for vital new cut 'Photograph' – shamanic frontman Rhishi Dhir explains more…

"While writing an album, my senses work on overdrive to find inspiration. It could be a news segment on the radio, a painting, the way the morning light cuts through my bedroom curtains, or something someone said…in the case of the lyrics for ‘Photograph’, it was something someone close to me said."

"While cleaning their house they found a photo of them as a child. Looking at the photo, the person commented ‘I hardly recognize that person.’ And that was it. In the great (well, some definitely greater than others) tradition of ‘Photograph’ songs (Ringo Starr, Def Leppard, etc) I decided to write a song about life’s missed chances and nostalgia. I am by no means a nostalgic person… I am always looking to future and rarely, sadly, satisfied with the present moment (though I try to be)."

"For the video, there wasn’t any real grandiose theme. The Mad Alchemy Liquid Light Show flew up from San Francisco to do projections for the show. If you’ve never seen it, it’s something to behold. I wanted to take the opportunity to capture some live footage for posterity. Skyler, who also directed our video for ‘Andromeda’, came along and filmed a bunch of footage and offered to sync it up to a tune. On a whim I suggested he use 'Photograph'."

"When I got the final product, the meta-moment was not lost on me. Here I was watching a video of me performing on stage soundtracked by a song about life’s missed chances and nostalgia. The song has truly come full circle."

Catch Elephant Stone at the following shows:

10 London Shacklewell Arms
11 Manchester Soup Kitchen

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