Premiere: Beliefs – ‘Swooner’

From new album 'Leaper'...

Even 40 years on from the dawn of punk, shaving your head can still be a rebellious move.

For a woman, it's an especially profound gesture. It's the complete removal from a capitalist hierarchy, from the monetisation of female beauty. Don't want to partake in the endless beauty chase? Shave it all off and let the world stare.

Beliefs singer Jesse Crowe wanted to shave her hair off for weeks, but was booked to play in a Portishead tribute band on Hallowe'en night.

Retaining some Beth Gibbons style locks until November 1st, the Canadian artist then got fellow Toronto resident Shehzaad Jiwani (singer with Clash favourites Greys) to shave it all off.

Thankfully, director Ivy Lovell captured the process, and watching it is an oddly intimate experience. Matched to the searingly truthful music of Beliefs, it's a coruscating listen and an addictive watch.

Check it out now.

Beliefs new album 'Leaper' is out now.

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