Olympia Turns ‘Smoke Signals’ Into An Acoustic Gem

Check out this heart-stopping performance...

Olivia Bartley grew up in rural Australia, coming of age in a small town dominated by the church.

It's where she learned about music, learning to play by ear as the sermon rang out around her.

Leaving this world behind, she choose the name Olympia as a vehicle for her thoughts, dreams, and her music.

"I don't refer to myself as a singer-songwriter," she comments, "I'm interested in ideas and trying to create something that will move people; disrupt everyday ideas. It's more about sounds. The music leans on language but the songs don't follow traditional form at all."

New cut 'Smoke Signals' is fast becoming a breakout moment, a stunning piece of pop music dominated by that heart-stopping vocal.

Clash has happened upon an intimate, acoustic clip, one that finds Olympia turning the song inside out while getting closer than ever to its core.

Tune in now.

Catch Olympia at this year's Great Escape.

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