néomí’s ‘Redemption’ Is Beautifully Sculpted 

Check out her atmospheric new video...

néomí has shared the full video for her song ‘Redemption’.

The Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop artist was plotting a breakout year in 2020, with countless high profile shows and releases planned. But then came the pandemic, and then came lockdown – her plans in tatters, she retreated, burrowing inwards.

This sense of introversion pushed her music to another level, with néomí commenting: “It hurt me that I couldn’t connect with people last year through my music, but I know now even more, that when the time comes, we will connect. And I hope people are just as eager as me to experience my music together. Like an artist I admire much once said: “the music has served me, now let the music serve you.”

Debut EP ‘before’ is out now, and it finds the young artist speaking confidently, bending classic tropes to suit her highly individual needs. Latest single ‘redemption’ is a beautiful return, the gilded notes underpinning her emotive vocal.

She comments: “The song ‘redemption’ is really an ode to my family. For them putting up with me for many years and me wanting to let them know that I have their back now because of it.”

We’re able to share the video, an atmospheric clip that reaches back to those childhood memories. The singer continues: “It made sense for the video to be influenced by memories I have with my family when I was growing up, specifically times we spent camping in France during the summer holidays. Those times felt so careless and free, just being there together.”

“Now, I hate camping haha, but back then it was magical. Nothing else mattered, only who won when we played badminton. The biggest challenge with the video was finding a decent badminton set in The Netherlands! And playing it well too. In short the video reflects how much I love them, my family, but also the rough times we went through too.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Aaron Alan Mitchell

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