Muuy Biien – Another Degradation

...adrenalized fury

Given hardcore’s recent forays into more, umm, ‘explorative’ territory in recent years – think Fucked Up’s ever-evolving melodicism, Ceremony’s adventures in post-punk, Iceage’s eternal fascination with Joy Division – it’s easy to forget that this stuff was never meant to be complicated. Thank fuck, then, for Muuy Biien – a noise project that somehow evolved into a hi-speed garage-punk monster. Debut LP ‘This Is What Your Mind Imagines’ lurches between palette-cleansing gusts of textured ambience and full-pelt assaults on the nervous system. Guess what? It’s ace.

We’ve got an exclusive look at the band’s latest video – an addictive burst of adrenalized fury backed by clips of the Athens, GA five-piece kicking the living shit out of each other. Youthful exuberance? Parody of hardcore’s less savory violent tendencies? Or just sheer, exhilarating entertainment? Whatever way you look at it, ‘Another Degredation’ shreds the hell outta your speakers and reduces those puny things you call ears to mush. You’ll wanna make sure you’re on their side.

‘This Is What Your Mind Imagines’ is out now via Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records.

Words: Will Fitzpatrick

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