Luca Wilding Shares Striking, Atmospheric ‘Song Of Carmen’ Video

Filmed on a misty day on the Scottish west coast...

Luca Wilding has shared his gorgeous new single 'Song of Carmen' in full.

Out now, it's the latest preview of his incoming EP 'Book Of Fate', which lands on October 22nd.

The South East London songwriter is on imperious form on his new track, which illustrates his powerful, keening vocal.

Dappled in slight Americana textures, there's something of the uncanny about 'Song Of Carmen', the sound of someone truly stretching themselves.

Luca explains…

"We shared a lot of deep things with each other. She didn’t seem to have any idea of how lovely she was. One day, without a whisper, she was gone. I wrote this song as I worked out how I felt about that. She told me once that to her, the world always seemed much more real when you believed in magic and those words still ring in my head every day."

Stuart Langfield has directed the enigmatic video, which was shot on the West Coast of Scotland during a misty day.

Amid the evocative scenery the scene unfurls, with Langlfield pivoting between two central feminine figures.

The director comments…

"To me, the song felt like an incredibly emotive, delicate statement about love and loss. I was moved to create a film that touches on life, death and memory, all told through a single, continuously evolving moment shared between two women."

"I’m used to working with more clearly defined narratives, but this film felt like an opportunity to create something more abstract. We never fully convey the relationship on screen. Are they mother and daughter, past and present visions of the same person, or total strangers?"

Tune in now.

'Book Of Fate' EP will be released on October 22nd – order it HERE.

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