LibraLibra’s Odd-Pop Dalliances Continue With ‘Juicy Lucy’

The video is an ode to escapism...

Brighton's own LibraLibra just want to have fun.

The band's off piste guitar pop is blessed with a scarcely constrained sense of energy, this torn and tattered appeal that nods towards punk.

Anti-authoritarian and resolutely individual, LibraLibra come bursting out of the traps at every opportunity, constructing these rattling, roaring blasts of sound.

Recently the south coast band linked with experienced producer SPACE, who seemed to unlock something within them.

“SPACE really challenged us on who we are and what we want to say”, says singer and lyricist Beth Cannon. “He delved into asking what kind of world or vision we want to create – what kind of message we are trying to send to the world and our audience.”

New EP 'Hail Mary' is the result. Out on August 14th, the release is led by bolshy, exuberant new single 'Juicy Lucy' (which you can order it HERE).

A song about obsession and insecurity, it's a blast at the way identity is constructed in this media-saturated environment.

“Have you ever been so utterly disgusted with yourself and you begin to obsess over who you could be?” asks Beth.

“You latch on to the media crazed celebrity idols bullshit. You’re young, naive, a slave to their every whim, their perfection, their beauty. They ooze sex appeal, they are heavenly, other worldly – you are a mere mortal, stuck in your flabby stretch mark ridden skin. You want nothing more than to know this star, be side by side, touch it, feel it, consume it, be it. It’s your obsession.”

We're able to share the video in full, one that plays on these twin themes of obsession and escapism, while working on a whole other level.

“The ‘Juicy Lucy’ video is the brainchild of our wonderful friend and director Jay Bartlett,” continues Beth. “The whole concept of the song itself is about obsession and escapism – despising being in your own skin and wanting to be someone else so badly you start to fixate, obsess upon another worldly being, you would even resort to attempting to consume them if it meant some of their radiance might rub off on to your own mundane and wretched being.”

“Jay heard the track and immediately could picture a scene where then band have assumed the identity of wealthy middle-class family, but why, how or when is intentionally left for the viewer to piece together.”

Tune in now.

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