Lemoncello Share Beguiling ‘Dopamine’ Video

Their debut album is out now...

Irish indie-folk duo Lemoncello are making power moves. The pair’s strident songwriting cuts through the noise, with their refreshing, organic sound gaining a cult following.

Live, they’re utterly charming – Lemoncello stole the show at Dublin’s legendary Vicar Street, recently played London’s historic Bush Hall, and have opened for revered artists like Lisa O’Neill, Sam Amidon, Glen Hansard and Cormac Begley.

Self-titled, Lemoncello’s riveting debut album was constructed at Analogue Catalogue Studios, where they both recorded and mixed the album to two-inch tape with producer Julie McLarnon at the helm.

Album highlight ‘Dopamine’ is an immediate fan-favourite, a tale of modern life that feels as old as time itself. Lemoncello discuss the endless scroll of social media, being sucked into a tiny screen while the world outside passes you by.

We’re able to share the video, directed by film-maker Sophie O Donovan. The pair comment…

The lyrics of ‘Dopamine’ are sort of up-front and in your face and so with the video we wanted to lean into the attitude but also not take the idea too seriously. The amazing team that worked on this with us – with director Sophie O Donovan at the helm – created a world that’s a mixture between bored housewives from the 1950s and some dystopian future where people never leave their homes. 

The concept for this music video was around nearly since the song itself – we thought it would be funny, the idea of the people we scroll past every day on our news feeds actually appearing in the room – a physical representation of the overwhelming feeling of mental space becoming more and more cluttered.

As Claire and I scroll, watching curated versions of other people’s lives, our physical space fills up with the people we are watching. We had such a hilarious time on set with the crew and all the characters who had a gif style action to repeat over and over again.

Tune in now.

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