Lambrini Girls Drop Outrageous New ‘White Van’ Video

They're calling out toxic masculinity...

Lambrini Girls are a force to be reckoned with. The band are a staple of Brighton’s DIY community, playing righteous shows across the south coast and beyond.

2022’s breakout single ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ was an arresting queer punk phenomenon, and their new EP ‘You’re Welcome’ slams home on May 19th via Big Scary Monsters. Iggy Pop is already a fan, with Lambrini Girls set to support the punk godfather at his Crystal Place show on July 1st.

A little ahead of this, you can catch the band at London’s Lexington on May 31st, part of a broader UK tour.

Taken from the EP, new single ‘White Van’ hits back at the cat-callers of the world, ramming those toxic words back down the throats of male aggressors. As ever, there’s a playful side, too, but at their core Lambrini Girls are unleashing their rage.

The full video for ‘White Van’ is out now, airing first on Clash. It opens with an angry white van driver – we all know the type – whose second hand Lambretta t-shirt is subverted to say ‘Lambrini’.

Crafted by designer Karthur, it’s part of a clip that is hard-hitting in its message and actually, pretty damn hilarious.

Say Lambrini Girls…

“This one goes out to all of the cis men with their d*ck out behind the wheel, screaming at us in the street without consequence. You’re an idiot and no one wants to f**k you…”

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Stéfan Weil

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