LA Based Enigma Evol Walks Shares ‘Drag Me Down’

It's a "twisted love song..."

Australian born Leah Martin-Brown was always attracted to the bright lights, to this sense of being connected to something bigger than herself.

That's what drew her to Los Angeles, to the city's mythology, it's relentless drive, and it's sense of space.

Forming the Evil Walks project, this enigmatic, flame-haired talent has earned a cult following, with fans hinging on her every word.

Out now, new single 'Drag Me Down' is – to quote the songwriter – "a twisted love song…"

Old fashioned rock 'n' roll with an evil heart, it somehow remains drawn to the dark side, no matter the cost.

She adds: "You know that this person is bad for you and everything will end in misery but you want to be pulled down with them. You want to surrender. To me it can represent any kind of dependent relationship – whether it is a human being or a chemical. Both can be equally dangerous and both have the capability to destroy."

Tune in now.

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