John And Jehn – Album Preview

Listen to their debut album now!

The icy charm of French folk duo John And Jehn has earned them a cult following, and the band are set to launch themselves into the mainstream with debut album “John And Jehn”.

A real-life couple, their relationship has fueled an album’s worth of songs with a rare passion. Split into two sides labeled “Side John” and “Side Jehn” the record is a collection of sonic adventures, blending together such influences as The Velvet Underground, Suicide and Serge Gainsbourg.

An accomplished debut album, “John And Jehn” blends the light with the dark, combining aching melodies with drones and white noise. Live, the band exude deadly charm and deadly danger, Jehn’s icy stare matching John’s energy.

John And Jehn will release their debut album on April 28st through Faculty Music Media. Listen our exclusive preview below:

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