Jamie N Commons – Devil In Me

New video emerges...

Listening to Jamie N Commons you could be forgiven for thinking that voice belongs to some Septuagenarian: a larynx soaked in whiskey, cigarettes and regret. Yet in reality, Jamie N Commons is just 22 years old.

Go figure.

New single ‘Devil In Me’ is a smoky slice of soulful pop with a religious backdrop. “This track deals with the feelings of guilt and regret…” the newcomer explained recently. “The character portrayed is the flip side to the one on the lead track of my first E.P “The Preacher”… Whereas that character took faith as his justification, this guy’s looking in the mirror you see”.

‘Devil In Me’ is set to be released through Luv Luv Luv on March 26th, and comes backed with a new video shot in dramatic black and white.

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