Ireland’s Leveland Return With Gorgeous New Song ‘River’

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Leveland is a project born from lockdown, a reaction against isolation that seeks out community and communication.

Yet it could have all been so different. At the beginning of 2020 songwriter Oisin O'Scolai was working as a solo artist, yet he was hitting brick walls in terms of inspiration.

In need of a way to escape his own mind, he sought out some friends, and Leveland – pronounced 'LEVEL LAND' – began to come into place.

Working tirelessly alongside Chris Doherty (Bass Guitar) and Stephen Leacock (Drums), the trio sketched out a plethora of songs, the creative blockages in Oisin's way finally being removed.

New album 'VESSELS' is slated for September, while debut single 'National Treasure' was a sombre delight, a probing, mature, highly melodic piece of work.

We're able to share 'River', and it's a gushing torrent of sound, one that revels in playful beauty. Speaking about the song, Oisin comments:

"I bought a cheap Epiphone just for the electric blue colour and a set of gold lipstick pickups, together with a few knobs from my old microwave I put together a guitar with an almost detuned twang without the use of any pedals. When I plugged it in for the first time, I played the first three chords that came to mind and the track built organically from there. It reminded me of something I'd play in my mate's garage after school. I wanted it to be hooky and fun hence the three different choruses."

"The song itself is an amalgamation of several notions from whatever I was reading during a long and arduous lock-down from alien encounters to the healing properties of the River Jordan. I just can’t wait to play it live."

Check out 'River' below.

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