Donna Blue Channel Eerie Twin Peaks Vibes On ‘Arlene’s’

Reverb soaked guitar, with a dose of 60s pop...

Dutch group Donna Blue have an eeriness to their sound that is difficult to pin down.

The band's debut EP matched reverb-soaked guitar twangs with irresistible songwriting that recalls French ye-ye pop and Spector girl groups.

Added to this, though, was a kind of Twin Peaks vibe, that sense of the uncanny lurking around every corner.

Elton John was a fan of previous cut 'Sunset Blvd', and he'll no doubt be pre-ordering the band's incoming self-titled seven inch EP.

Lead track 'Arlene's' has a jagged edge to it, a barbed sensibility to lingers alongside those pensive vocals.

We're able to share the full video, billed by Donna Blue as "this gigantic overwhelming thought experiment…"

The band explain:

For the music video we decided to zoom in on the idea of different dimensions than the one we are in. How we don’t know if ours is the only one, if maybe we are just tiny beings in a raindrop amongst many other raindrops.

And how, in all of this, this gigantic overwhelming thought experiment, you can still find someone you feel like you wanna float through space and time with.

Tune in now.

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