Daniel Woolhouse Has ‘Soup For Brains’

Check out his enchanting new video...

Once a Deptford Goth, now a country rambler, Daniel Woolhouse remains the vivid, vital talent he's always been.

New album 'What’s That Sound?' is out now via 37 Adventures, and it's a lucid, imaginative return marked by lyrical flair and the odd cutting remark.

Album highlight 'Soup For Brains' is "a song of self examination. There's this soup in my head. There are circumstances, memories and images in there that reflect on the past few years. There are coping mechanisms you develop that can be destructive and whilst you might recognise that yourself, you end up always playing catch-up with them, trying to fix one thing with another. You can end up in a repetitive cycle and I'm trying to get out of that."

Clash is able to premiere the accompanying visuals, and they're really rather remarkable. Daniel explains: "The video has a clown, some dancing doves, eyeballs, bugs and other stuff. Everything you could want. It is an action-packed, mind blowing experience featuring genre-busting choreography, full of beauty."

A pocket-sized epic, it builds on the curious idiosyncrasies of Daniel's own work while presenting an entirely distinct world of its own. Tune in now.

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