Cosmo Sheldrake – ‘The Fly Part 2’

Live on The Trap

Music needn't be something made by trained musicians.

If you tune in correctly, music exists all around us. Cosmo Sheldrake flew out to Bulgaria to perform at Meadows In The Mountains recently, and decided to use his spare time to record a brand new track.

Using the simplest kit possibly, the producer began recording the sounds he found around him. Doors slamming, a horse and cart rushing past, even strangers walking up to him – for Cosmo Sheldrake, nothing could be excluded.

Working with film maker Ruben Woodin, the results are a unique encapsulation of time and place:

"When Cosmo got offered a gig in rural Bulgaria it felt like the perfect next step to raise the bar from a fishing trawler, to shoot in the rustic world of the rural balkans.This time we had a little more time and he wanted to record the local sounds to incorporate into the song, developing on his ideas of interspeices collaboration. So from Hedgehogs, rabid Dogs and rusty pipes we collected audio and visual which he could sample. All in all it was a fascinating way to engage with and interpret at place, the locals where totally willing and ultimately confused by our agenda."

Watch the clip below.

Cosmo Sheldrake 'The Fly Part 2' live on the trap from Bat On Ball Creations on Vimeo.

Cosmo Sheldrake is set to play his debut headline show on September 10th details HERE.

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