Constant Follower Shares Beautiful ‘Spirits In The Roof Tree’ Video

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Autumn has a tendency to make people more reflective, as we become in tune with the subtle shifts in our surroundings.

With the leaves beginning to turn, we've found ourselves leaning on the music of Constant Follower, and in particular his new album 'Neither is, nor ever was'.

Out now, it's a gorgeous listen, full of bucolic melody and personal revelation, an album unafraid to speak its truth.

Film maker Michael Prince fell for the album, and in particular lost himself within the sounds of 'Spirits In The Roof Tree'.

Contacting Constant Follower, the two worked on a full video for the song, utilising a Victorian house with a peculiar atmosphere.

The film maker comments: "I instantly connected to ‘Spirits In The Roof Tree’. The sense of emptiness, and the possible love that has been somehow lost – a possible spirit ‘within’ were themes that I knew I could work with."

"During lockdown 2020 I had made a film in my own home, an old Victorian house that has a definite presence or ‘spirit’ in one of the rooms. During the spring, when the leaves are new on the horse chestnut tree, and the wind is blowing, sunlight ripples through the leaves and spills through the Victorian windows into the ‘Spirit Room’… it was here that the film was made."

We're able to share the film in full, and it's the perfect union of sound and visuals. Michael Prince continues: "When Constant Follower expressed an interest in my film and played me their track, I immediately wanted to film new footage in the ‘spirit’ room to make their video. It felt right, and a good direction for the film. But for the shots to match the original footage the lighting conditions would need to be the same."

"Band member Amy was the link, ‘the ghost’ ‘the fetch’. I photographed her on film and printed her portrait. We tried to film of several occasions to film her in the house but the conditions weren’t right. Eventually, on a late summer’s evening the wind began to blow and the light within began to animate… it was perfect. Amy was filmed in the ‘spirit’ room and edited into the film – making it complete."

Tune in now.

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