Betty Shares Indie Blaster ‘Mum Says’

With some retro tinges...

East London based riser Betty has shared new song ‘Mum Says’.

The songwriter has wanted to perform since she was a child, someone blessed with exuberant energy. The 23-year-old blends the old with the new, carving out her own rebellious, multi-genre path in the process.

New single ‘Mum Says’ is out now, constructed alongside production from Jakwob. There’s a kind of indie throwback aspect, with the grinding guitars reminiscent of the Rhythm Factory sessions back in the grimy days of 2005.

Lyrically, Betty is aiming for fulfilment, and she is pushing back against negativity in her life.

“It’s about feeling like the whole world is against you,” Betty says, speaking on the single. “I had been feeling unworthy and down. A series of unfortunate events occurred the week before writing this song, causing me to feel even worse about existence. I felt as if I was misunderstood by others around me, I found myself constantly explaining myself. On my walk to the studio I had a conversation with my mum telling her how I felt, she told me I was just fine, I was a good person and I was going to receive everything I deserved in life.”

“My mums always going to be the first person to tell me I’m not behaving correctly. She’s brutally honest so I figured if she was telling me I was alright then everything was gonna be fine. I walked into the session and I had already had ’empty I slowly sink’ written down in my notes and then the rest of the song formed.”

Cult film maker Eve Mahoney constructs the full video for ‘Mum Says’, and it matches the gritty aesthetic of the music. Raw, eye-catching, and visceral, it races to its conclusion with the speed of a Formula 1 race.

Tune in now.

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