Alexis Kings Exude Charm With ‘Sundaze’

Catch them in London this month...

Alexis Kings is a project rooted in friendship.

Frontman Brendan Aherne tackles the vocals, while the percussive edge is rooted in the vital contributions of Fabio Bocca.

Set to play London venue COLORS on June 17th, the duo recently shared something new with fans.

Online now, 'Sundaze' is an ode to escapism, and it came to life during those long lockdown days.

Hazy drifting pop music, 'Sundaze' has an imaginative quality, the sound of someone becoming caught up in their daydreams.

Talking about the new track, Alexis Kings share: “The song is about people being locked away in the pandemic away from the opposite sex, lustfully daydreaming. The lyrics tell a story of a guy sitting in a smoky room who scripts his thoughts. At the end of the day we all went through the same thing so we know many people will relate.”

Tune in now.

Catch Alexis Kings at COLORS, London on June 17th.

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