The I Love New York Issue – Public Enemy – Flatbush Zombies

Issue 83 / April 2013


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Featured in this issue…


Public Enemy Taking Us Deeper

Twenty-five years after their sophomore masterpiece, 'It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back', their outspoken frontman Chuck D is no less uncompromising and still incisive. Clash finds the Hip-Hop legend with both barrels pointed at big business.

Flatbush Zombies Taking Us Higher

Coming through in a rush of young artists heading up the East Coast Hip-Hop revolution that's currently breathing new life into the genre, the Zombies' unique breed of drug-induced fantasy rap is on a high all of its own. Clash meet the Brooklyn boys in their hometown to talk acid, influences and diseases.

Devonte Hynes The Most In-demand Englishman In New York

The vast majority of twenty two-year-old Londoners would probably count losing their virginities and developing the endurance to drink ten pints without falling over as major achievements. But by the time he was that age, Devonté Hynes had already toured the country as a member of Test Icicles and had enough tenacity to realise that despite the band’s short-lived lifespan, he was in danger of being held up to it forever. “I think there’s an unhealthy thirst for newness in London, rather than nurturing what already exists,” he explains. “It’s in all fields. If you falter, you’re essentially done and to me, that seems crazy because people I look up to may not have done their best work until they were forty or something.” Recognizing that, he upped sticks and moved to New York where he has been for five years, slowly developing his reputation as a solo artist (via work as Lightspeed Champion and Blood Orange), producer (for acts such as Theophilus London and Diana Vickers), and songwriter (for Solange and Sky Ferreira).

John Varvatos Wearing And Tearing

When menswear designer John Varvatos quit Ralph Lauren to launch his own label in 1999, it was more than just an opportunity to strike out on his own – it was his chance to finally combine his two main passions: music and fashion. From its inception, the John Varvatos brand married a clean sensibility with a rock and roll edge, which took on a literal meaning in 2005 with the introduction of music artists in his advertising campaigns. They started with Ryan Adams, and have since featured Iggy Pop, Green Day, Slash and, most recently, Jimmy Page looking dark and dapper in John’s designs.

The NEW New York Creatives That Are Shaping The City In 2013

In a city that breathes innovation, where creatives breed in every derelict warehouse, there's a palpable smack of excitement in the New York air to anyone with a pinch of interest in the future of the Arts. Here, Clash introduces you to five beautiful minds that are currently making their own singular impact on the city and the world around them. The future is, indeed, unwritten.

LE1F Ones To Watch

When Frank Ocean posted an open love letter to a man on his Tumblr last July, the hip-hop community  took the unusual step of applauding this young black man in voicing his sexuality in an eloquent and forthright way. Commentators remarked that this could be a turning point in hip-hop’s prevailing negative attitude to homosexuality, and praised Ocean and the response at large for its encouraging open-mindedness. In the same month however the rapper Le1f released the video for his track ‘Wut’, and websites which hosted it saw a deluge of hateful anti-gay rhetoric in comment threads deriding Le1f for his own openness.

Album Spotlight

Patti Smith – Easter

"Rumours were that the label was concerned her career would stagnate if there was not a marked progression with the third album."

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