Oliver Sim Is The Third Face Of Clash 123

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Oliver Sim is the third face of Clash 123.

As a member of The xx, Oliver Sim became used to dwelling in shadows. But on his revelatory debut solo album, he was forced out into the light – a profoundly emotional experience, his new project deals with queer shame, loneliness, and masculinity, but it’s also a camp horror show and a slapstick character portrait.

Never one to be pinned down, Oliver Sim explores this explosion of truth in a daring cover interview that offers his full, unadulterated story in riveting colour.

He tells Clash: “It’s been uncomfortable in moments, but it’s been a positive thing. I see it as joyous…”

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll meet Atlanta trailblazer Lil Baby, rap hero Don Toliver, soulful force ABRA, UK voice to be reckoned with Ama Lou, and hyper pop sensation Role Model takes time out of his hysteria-inducing tour schedule. Clash pierces the hype surrounding alt-pop explosion Dylan, while we absorb life lessons from London community Touching Bass, and explore LA’s low rider sub-culture.

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Words: Skye Butchard
Photography: James Robjant
Fashion: Ben Schofield
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers

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