Winehouse Show Cancelled

Technical difficulties blamed

Grammy award winning singer Amy Winehouse has been forced to postpone her long awaited comeback in Saint Lucia due to technical difficulties.

Will we ever see Amy Winehouse climb back to her peak? The singer released her debut album ‘Frank’ way back in 2004, when she was a fresh-faced jazz influenced singer. The industry wasn’t quite sure what to make of this maverick talent, but her debut album was nonetheless nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

Follow up album ‘Back To Black’ was a global success story. Mark Ronson’s production added a pop sheen to Winehouse’s stunning vocals, oozing emotion whilst retaining her commercial appeal.

Lead single ‘Rehab’ has become the track most indelibly associated with Winehouse. Crunching horns, an addictive melody and lyrics that hinted at personal problems for the singer it was a hit around the world and propelled ‘Back To Black’ up the charts.

Winning a record five Grammy awards in one night, the singer was suddenly transformed into a global icon – even worthy of pastiche in a video by Eminem. However since then it has been a downward spiral of drug abuse and a much publicised divorce for Winehouse, who has been working on her much delayed third album for some time.

After announcing a comeback performance at the 18th St. Lucia Jazz Festival hopes were high that the singer had managed to piece herself together in the sun. However bad weather, technical difficulties and more forced Winehouse to cancel the set.

Opening with ‘Know You Now’ the set had seemed to open perfectly, before plunging downhill. Lights were cut out, and the sound was obviously suspect before Winehouse finished ‘You Know I’m No Good’ slumped over a speaker.

Leaving the stage after a mere half dozen songs, the crowd began to boo the troubled star once they realised the show was over.

A spokesperson for the singer said: “Amy would like to express her disappointment that weather forced the abandonment of her show at the St Lucia Jazz Festival last night. The set started well, but as the heavens opened, a number of technical difficulties occurred on stage, culminating with the lighting rig failing for two songs. In addition, rain began to flood the technical wings at the side of the stage which caused sound problems. Amy and the band tried to soldier on but the set had to be cut short.”

“Amy is very disappointed as St Lucia has been wonderful to her and its people have welcomed her with open arms, but circumstances beyond anyone’s control meant that this special show did not go as planned.”

Amy Winehouse is set to play live on May 31st in London as part of the Island Life series of shows celebrating her label Island.

Fingers crossed!

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