Two Door Cinema Club – Live At Alexandra Palace, London

With support from Everything Everything...

As the evening draws in over London’s beloved Ally Pally it’s time to bring the day’s sunshine indoors. Kick-starting proceedings is Everything Everything who, within minutes, erase any doubts that the night is to be anything other than unadulterated fun.

The delightfully quirky ‘Cough Cough’ sets the innovative tone of unpredictability that earned the quartet a Mercury Prize nomination back in 2011. Every track manages to sound unique, yet consistent with their adrenalin-fuelled brand of math-rock-meets-electronica. It’s impossible to nail influences: they’re something genuinely different.

Unpretentiously kitted out in black, the music takes centre stage, knocking down expectations of extravagant, experimental fashion choices to complement their distinctly trendy sound.

‘Kemosabe’ exudes jittery adolescent excitement with Jonathan Higgs' sustained falsetto hitting notes alien to most frontmen, while ‘Duet’ shakes up a cocktail of fresh beats that feel liberating and carefree, despite their artful construction.

‘Radiant’ builds to a climax that echos cinematically around the Great Hall, before a mention of Two Door Cinema Club releases a barrage of enthusiastic claps and whoops from swathes of merch-clad teenagers.

By the time the main men grace the stage the crowd is close to melting point, ready for another hour of foot-stomping mania. Smoke pulsates out of cannons to the rhythm of ‘Do You Want It All?’ as the Northern Irish indie-rock trio hurtles into their feel-good repertoire of relentlessly upbeat classics.

“Good evening, how’s it going? We are Two Door Cinema Club and this is f***ing wonderful!” flame-haired frontman Alex Trimble roars to the crowd.

Dapperly dressed in a smart grey suit, his excitement over the band’s biggest headline show to date is evident, as he admits “shitting himself” with nerves backstage.

They soon settle in with the help of an adoring full-throated audience. Laser spotlights search dramatically around the cavernous room during ‘Come Back Home’ and ‘Next Year’, inciting a sing-along epidemic.

Bathed in a golden glow, the opening chords of ‘Sun’ herald their set highlight. Contented grins break out on the faces of fans helpless to resist the temptation to dance.

A minefield of phones explodes during ‘Something Good Can Work’ and ‘What You Know’ as a disturbing majority of eager admirers try in vain to snap a decent shot. (Our advice: you rarely get one, just savour the moment.) Nevertheless, everybody seems to be enjoying themselves, the band included.

Towards the end of the show white balloons tumble down for an added playful touch, met with a ripple of delighted “oohs”, before Trimble asks everybody to join him on vocals for ‘The World Is Watching’.

The simplistic line of “I want you with me” is sung with such conviction as to assure him that this audience isn’t looking to leave his side anytime soon.

Words: Jess Denham

Photos: Richie Soans

– – –

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