In co-operation with the Vinyl Factory
These New Puritans

These New Puritans have always sought to create music of depth, music to be studied, absorbed.

Working with the Vinyl Factory, the group recently confirmed plans to host their own installation. 'Magnetic Field' is an interaction new project, taking place at 180 Strand this April.

A seven day stint in central London awaits, with These New Puritans re-working elements of last year's 'Field Of Reeds' album.

'Magnetic Field' utilises the Magnetic Resonator Piano, which is (it sez here) "an electronically- augmented acoustic piano which uses a series of magnets combined with sensors to resonate, bend and torment the piano's strings, creating infinite sustain, crescendos, harmonics, pitch bends and incredible new timbres."

The centre of a series of interactive exhibits, members of the public will be able to interact with the Magnetic Resonator Piano.

In addition to this, These New Puritans have prepared a new vinyl release titled 'Magnetic Field'. Limited edition, it features a brand new reworking of 'Field Of Reeds', produced by Jack Barnett and Graham Sutton as Bark Psychosis using the original album as its foundation, alongside outtakes from those sessions and unused field recordings.

Pre-order details.

'Magnetic Field' runs between April 14th - 21st at 180 Strand, London.

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