The Vaccines

Will launch a 100 wannabes

Every now and again we are treated to an act that I like to describe as a ‘game changer’. Tonight my instincts tell me that I’ve just witnessed such an act in action.

The Vaccines have just played the Flowerpot in Kentish Town and the 300 strong crowd of kids and industry went nuts for them. Welding a fresh take on balls out Rock’n’Roll they’ve arrived with gusto. They have a uniqueness to their sound that will launch a 100 wannabes and a look that initially jarred with my expectations and the sound they create but will prove once again that if it isn’t natural it won’t work.

The Vaccines prompted comments around me like “a bit Phil Spector”, “a bit Ramones”, or “where is that sound coming from?”, frankly it’s fairly unimportant what or who they sound like, it’s just fantastic, exhilarating and exciting.

Most of all, as with a few acts I’ve been lucky enough to catch at a very early stage that have achieved international success, The Vaccines appear to have attracted this ‘collective will for them to succeed’ (TM) that will see them follow a trajectory that is theirs if they want it.

The debut single ‘Wreckin’ Bar’ due in stores/online in early November is a killer. End of. And the B-side ‘Blow it Up’ is equally enjoyable with its trashy guitars and laconic pace. Bloomin’ marvellous.

Words by Jason Bick

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